Stop for a moment and think about the people you work with…

~ Do they often complain about headaches or look exhausted, stressed out and overwhelmed?

~ Is there constant staff turnover or are there job ‘lifers’ who go through the workday irritable, unproductive and uninspired?

~ Can you identify the bad apple – the toxic personality that when he or she is out, everyone breaths a sigh of relief?┬áIs there more than one bad apple in the bunch?

~ Is it YOU?

job stress

Job Stress and Burnout

Job stress is a destructive force that causes staff turnover, excessive use of sick time and lack of productivity. And it can often lead to burnout and in some terrifying cases, it can result in violence and chaos.

As managers and leaders in the workplace, it is important that you create a corporate culture that fosters an environment where staff feel appreciated, valued and want to come to work…and do the work.

What if you could identify the debilitating qualities of burnout in your employees so you can learn how to put out the fire before it gets too bright and dangerous?

What if you (or your coworkers) could learn ways to improve your attitude and overall life so you were happier, healthier and more effective at your job?

Julie McGrath