About Julie McGrath


Julie McGrath, LICSW is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who has worked in the mental health field for the past 17 years. She is currently the director of a crisis team in a hospital emergency department north of Boston, connected to the world-renowned Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. She manages a busy department of crisis clinicians, arranges for the care and placement of the mental health and/or substance-abusing patient, and advocates for patients’ needs within the larger systems throughout the state.

Through her activities as a social worker, she has created Julie McGrath Seminars, a public speaking business that serves human services professionals, nurses, physicians, social workers, and counselors. She speaks regularly to groups of up to 300 people on such topics such as job stress, burnout, self-care, working with difficult people, time management, and setting boundaries. In these workshops, Julie brilliantly combines work and home life to inspire her participants to seek the good life professionally and personally. That “good life” involves setting and achieving goals, and practicing effective time management so life includes work and play time, as well as appropriate amounts of rest and relaxation. Because she captivates the audience with her dynamic style and humor, she is in high demand for professional development days, keynotes and full-day seminars.

Julie is also currently a speaker for organizations such as the Families for Depression Awareness, a nonprofit that educates people on suicide prevention. She speaks to a variety of human service-related organizations throughout Massachusetts. She is the top speaker for bringing in the most participants at Community Programs Innovations, an agency in Danvers, Massachusetts, that provides training for human service professionals. Julie is also an executive coach for professionals in the workplace who need guidance on keeping the workplace a positive and productive place.

Julie can fashioned her workshops to fit your staffing’s needs and training schedule.