A few years ago, Julie McGrath decided she was going to live her life with passion.

She had watched too many colleagues and friends sit idly by waiting for something to happen. They had stopped taking risks to grow or step out of their comfort zones and instead were burning out from boredom, frustration and overwhelm.

Julie said…enough.

She decided to encourage and empower her colleagues in the mental health field to rediscover themselves, find their joy and passion, and live it!

Since 2009, when she launched The Joy Source, Julie has conducted half day and full day CEU workshops throughout New England on topics related to job stress, burnout and self care. She is also a member of the National Speakers Association.

With her Master’s degree and LICSW in social work, Julie McGrath has served a decade in social work in direct line staff and upper management positions in various settings (diagnostic assessment units for adolescent treatment, case manager in partial hospital program and director of hospital psychiatric triage department). Currently, nsa_member_logo3she is the Director of an ER Crisis Team in a Boston Area Hospital.

Julie can fashioned her workshops to fit your staffing’s needs and training schedule.