The Benefit of Benefits

I hope you were able to take today off for Memorial Day (summer is officially here!!!) and rest and relax, giving thanks to the men and women who have served our country so we are safe.

Since today is a federal holiday, most of us have it off from work. Or if not, will get a ‘floating’ holiday to use at another time. Would you believe that many people don’t take the time off they are given – either sick or vacation time?

Benefits are called that for a reason, to benefit you.

How much vacation time do you have?  Enough to go to France for 2 months?  Start using your vacation days.  Getting out of the office, even if it is not to France, is mandatory.

When was the last time you had a vacation? Or even a day off to go play?  Do you know when you need a break?

I love when one of my employees tells me “Julie, I am feeling a little crispy, I need to take a week off.” I love that she is insightful enough to know when she needs a break.  I then have employees who I have to encourage to use their vacation days when I know they really need a break from this stressful job.

ef041b87-d168-4bb7-8e7f-f5c7a3b12be8So today, sit down and plan a vacation. Tomorrow when you go into work, submit it to your boss and have something fun to look forward to.  Don’t wait until another holiday to take time off.

You all have heard Work Hard, Play Hard.  Well I’m sure you work hard, don’t forget the second half of the phrase, PLAY Hard.