Don’t Inhale Someone Else’s Smoke

This just in from a book I am reading, “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor and I wanted to share this with you:

Unfortunately, the power of emotional contagion means that overt negativity can infect a group of people almost instantly.  Daniel Goleman couldn’t have said it better: “Like secondhand smoke, the leakage of emotions can make a bystander an innocent casualty of someone else’s toxic state.”  This means that when we feel anxious or adopt an overtly negative mindset, these feelings will start to seep into every interaction we have, whether we like it or not.

Be mindful of the energy you bring into your office this week. If you are not feeling overly happy or bright, remember your self-care.  Treat yourself to a nice meal or a long run.  Do something for YOU that will brighten your mood!Have a great week!