Keep Growing

‘Equally dangerous (to burnout) is chronic boredom and consistently feeling that you’re underutilized or undervalued at work or lacking the opportunity to stretch your mind-body muscles in a meaningful way. Such a state gradually leads to smoldering anger, depression, or burnout just as out-of-control overwork does.’

                                    –Mark Gorkin, Practicing Safe Stress

Stressful work demands can lead to burnout, but guess what else can…boredom!  Included is that feeling that you just aren’t doing a good job or are stuck in the same routine with nothing to get you excited and growing. We all need something to light our fire, get us shaking and moving, and then be valued for our efforts!

Business TalksSo this week, try something new. Do something different at work. Investigate some new classes.  Attend trainings.  Learn some new skills.  Volunteer for work place focus groups/committees.  Prevent burnout!

Keep on learning, growing and moving forward!