Workshops for Medical Workplaces

With over a decade working in a hospital setting, Julie McGrath has a first-hand knowledge of the stressors associated with working in a medical setting. The following workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your staff / setting.

Caring for the Care Giver: Building Resilience on the Path to Excellence

This class will explore and recognize the signs of and differences between compassion fatigue, PTSD and burnout so you can identify if you or a colleague are falling into one of these states (or are already there). Tools and strategies will be provided for increased resilience ensuring that positive nurturing care is always given despite a demanding high stress environment, and you continue to love your job and be your best every day.

Working with Difficult People: Prep for Success in Every Interaction

This class will focus on managing challenging encounters with patients and families by setting limits, utilizing effective communication and other tools for positive interactions. Focus will be spent on how to prepare for interactions with patients, examining how attitude and morale impacts the day, and the importance of a positive team and workplace on patients.

Job Stress, Burnout and Self-Care: What Every Employee Needs to Know to Stay Energized and Invested in their Work

Staff burnout is a serious threat to medical workplaces both on a staff and institutional level. This workshop is designed to identify the symptoms of burnout and create action plans to infuse a sense of wellbeing and balance for those who feel drained, tired and come to work not giving 100%. The workshop will help staff identify initial stages of burnout, manage stress and develop a self-care routine that goes beyond exercise and nutrition. All while being fun, high energy and highly informative. Participants will leave feeling energized and have the tools to identify burnout before it happens, a renewed sense of joy for their work and tools to remain resilient against future stressors.

Path toward Excellence

An intensive course for employees who come recommended by their employers for additional support or a renewed investment in their work.  Staff who have not shown improvement in areas such as attitude, behavior, overall job performance.  Staff must be willing to participate.  Each week there is a focus on self-discovery and focus on personal and professional improvement.

Course Includes Classes On:

  • Physiology of Stress and the Mind Body Connection
  • Stress Management Tools for the Workplace and Personal Life
  • Signs and Causes of Burnout
  • Why Healthcare Professionals are More Prone to Burnout
  • Identifying and Reducing Dangerous Implications of Burnout
  • Key Elements in Resiliency
  • Self-Care Concepts that Promote a Balanced, Healthy Lifestyle

Targeted Audience of All Workshops: 

Nursing and Medical Staff who display chronic signs of stress, tardiness, poor job performance, negative attitude, minimal investment in their work and all new nursing staff.

How Your Employers Will Benefit:

– Increased staff productivity and improved job performance

– Decreased staff turnover and reduced tardiness / sick days

– Positive work environment and healthier workplace attitudes

– Improved patient care and service delivery