One Way to De-Stress During the Workday

Are you taking a lunch break this week?  Do you realize that this has become a thing of the past?

I just read an article by Robyn. E Blummer who reported that in most recent years, Americans are working through their lunch breaks if they even get them.  Take a listen to what R Blummer reported:

“Efficient or not, at one time, nearly every place of employment was expected to provide workers with an hour around noon to take a break from work, take a walk, get some air, run an errand, de-stress, think and most importantly, enjoy a meal with their co-workers, business contacts, friends, family or alone.”

17850205_sKey word I pick out is DE-STRESS!!   It feels good to have a break throughout your day, to think about something other than work, share a laugh and return to work refreshed and ready to get back to business.

So take lunch today, you deserve it.  Who knows, maybe it will actually increase your enjoyment of your current employment.

Bon Appétit!