The Pull to Be Negative


Have you ever given in to the pull to be negative? It can be so much easier than being positive. The pull to be negative is alluring, easy and not life changing.  You can bow out of anything you have ever wanted and feared with excuses and beliefs such as “I really don’t deserve to be this happy,” “She is much better than I am,” “This is as good as it gets.”  It’s in the giving up that the negative finds it power.  You don’t need any strength or spirit.  Negativity shows you the way to defeat before you even started.

When you think in the negative, your excuses are at the tip of your tongue, “I don’t have time,” “It usually doesn’t work out for me anyway,” “I have to cart my kids around all weekend,” “I don’t deserve free time.” Oh but you do…and then some.

Living with a negative view of the world or hanging around people who have one (just as contagious) can take you away from creating a life of joy and overflowing happiness. It takes you to a place of anger, resentment and frustration and worst of all, it keeps you there.  The worst of it all is it’s easier to be negative.  It’s easier to keep your head down and make excuses.   How do you get moving in the right direction when capping your happiness sets you in the wrong direction.  Yes, you deserve to be this happy.  You deserve to watch your dreams come true.

Life is better when we see it through a positive lens.

Focus on the positive side of life.  Did you graduate high school?  Have a car? A nice job?  Someone who loves you? Children that are healthy?  Friends who you can count on?  Health insurance?  A home?  Food in your refrigerator?  Wow, you have it good!  Do you see what I mean?  Don’t let the pull to be negative ruin your view on life.  We all have our own struggles, disappointments and let downs.  If you stay focused on those thoughts, you will miss the brightness in life.

Yes, the positive side of life takes work, planning and actually doing what you say you are going to do.  With your head held high, win or lose, you are going to try.  Most of us enjoy dreaming and saying, ‘What if?’  It’s in the doing, the following through that make it hard for us.

Start your week with a positive tone, rearrange your thoughts and put a smile on your face.  This is going to be a successful, satisfying week.