Time After Time

It’s that time again. clock

Time to wake up.

Time to get to work.

Time to get the kids, make the lunches and supervise homework.

Time to make dinner.

Time to do the laundry, make the bed, wash the floor.

Depending on your day, time doesn’t move fast enough. Or maybe it moves too quickly.

Do you have plenty of time for you or not nearly enough?

Is time your friend? Providing you plenty of hours during the day and week to do what makes YOU happy and excited about your life like meeting friends for coffee, participating in your most treasured hobby and embracing a loved one.

Or is time your hated enemy? Leaving you nothing but minutes to barely even open your mail or enjoy a relaxing shower or take that walk you so desperately need to unwind.

The one fact I know about time is if you waste it, you never get it back.  If you postpone your dreams until you think you will have enough time, you might be disappointed.  Will you ever have the time? Why wait? Who will give you the time?  Is it just handed to you?  It seems like everyone around you takes your time not freely hands it over to you.  That is why my dear friends, you must take it forcefully and with a strong purpose.  Don’t hesitate, if you do, time will be scooped away.  Don’t offer it to people who only take your joy, not fill you with it.

Start by taking 30 minutes a day of silence to check in with yourself to see if you are where you want to be in your world, or if changes need to be made.  How would you know otherwise?  Have someone else tell you what you should be doing?   Your own voice is a more accurate assessment of what you need.

Carve out time just for you. It’s worth it.  Time is your friend when it allows you to think, dream, reflect, engage, move into action or put your feet up.  Time.

It’s time for you.