Joy in the Workplace

We rarely speak about joy in the workplace. That might be because using that word can feel kind of corny. Yet without joy, work feels more like a place you reluctantly spend 40+ hours a week, with little in the way of internal rewards.

I certainly can understand how anyone can start out feeling the excitement of a new job or career and end up feeling burnt out without ever quite understanding how it happened. Take a look at yourself – did your joy somehow get shredded with yesterday’s meeting minutes? Or maybe it was deleted with all the fifty other “priority” emails, or swept out in the trash with the extra-large lattes you drank to stay awake in the endless meetings?









If you want to feel fully engaged in work, you have to love what you do. You need a feeling of purpose and belief that you are using your skills and strengths. You need to feel that despite difficult days, you get an overall feeling of satisfaction and yes, joy, from your work. Joy peps you up, puts a spring in your step, and helps bring you success, accomplishments, and a genuine love of what you do.

Now’s your chance. Find the joy! Reclaim the joy!  Loving what you do brings you joy. Sometimes the people you work with give you more joy than the work itself, and sometimes it’s the opposite. But either way, there’s joy in your workplace.

Now might be the time to take a break for the quiet time everyone needs and deserves so they can ponder the unknown.

  • Do I like what I do?
  • Do I enjoy the people I work with?
  • Do I need to go into another direction in my career?
  • Is there meaning associated with what I do all day?
  • Does my boss encourage joy and creativity?
  • Am I satisfied after a day’s work?

Meaning in work brings joy. The people around you at work, if they are positive and uplifting, help you invite joy into your heart even on these tough, demanding days when everyone wants something and nothing is going right.

What are the necessary changes you need to make so your work gives you joy and you, in return, are a better (and less stressed) person for the work that you do?

Take some time to invite the quiet in, let it sit with you, be still, and ask yourself, where’s the joy?

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