Below are workshops that can be tailored to the needs of your company, agency, organization or professional development day.

Attendees will walk away with concrete tools to help them make changes in their lives and workplace.

(CEUs available for social workers and licensed mental health workers.)

job stressJob Stress, Burnout and Self Care: What Every Employee Needs to Know to Feel Invested and Energized in Their Work

When the alarm goes off, do you grumble and moan, dreading the start of another work day? Most of us deal with stress at our job – deadlines, productivity, demanding bosses, etc., but sometimes the ‘grumbles’ turn dangerously into burnout. Learn to identify the differences and how to improve your attitude, choices and overall life so you can be happier, healthier and more effective at your job and life.

  •  This workshop can be presented fully at 6 hours (6 CEUs – in one or two parts) or condensed to 2 or 3 hour seminars (2 or 3 CEUs).

Working with Difficult People: How to Create Positive Relationships at Work and Dispel Workplace Negativity

In every workplace, there are toxic people who create a negative work environment. Maybe they gossip, whine and complain, or undermine and sabotage the work of others. Whatever their behavior, they create a hostile workplace that can lead to reduced productivity, staff turnover, loss of revenue and poor morale. It is crucial that staff and managers learn how to deal with negative personalities so they don’t infect the entire workplace.

  • This workshop can be presented fully at 6 hours (6 CEUs – in one or two parts) or condensed to 2 or 3 hour seminars (2 or 3 CEUs).

*New Workshop* Creating a Work Atmosphere that Attracts and Sustains Happy Employees and Increased Productivity (A Workshop for Managers)

The role of managers is to increase efficiency and productivity, but what’s often missing in their toolbox is the ability to set an office culture that focuses on morale, self-care and avoiding burnout. In this workshop, managers will learn principles for successful leadership (including what managerial styles attract, focus on and keep the most talented employees), how to reach staff who are struggling and ways to keep staff enthusiastic and invested in their work.

*New Workshop* Motivation, Productivity…and Joy! Tools for Employees to Sustain a Career of Passion, Purpose and Success!

This workshop is designed to renew the excitement and passion for anyone who has found themselves searching for purpose and fulfillment in their everyday work. It will lead them through a series of steps to determine where the joy is going if one is burdened, overwhelmed and stressed.  Whether it be time management, work camaraderie, or personal issues, Julie will address them all and more as a way to uncover what is standing in the way of a fulfilling work life.  Each participant will walk away with action steps to enhance joy for their work, reduce their stress and rediscover a love for their job!

  • This workshop can be presented fully at 6 hours or condensed to 2 or 3 hour seminars.

*New Workshop* The Confident Leader: Maximizing Your Potential for Every Day Success

Leadership roles can be challenging careers leaving managers burdened, overwhelmed, stressed and dangerously burnt out. This workshop is designed to help leaders uncover unhelpful habits that prevent them from reaching their full potential.  Participants will learn how to delegate effectively and feel empowered to confidently handle crises and stressful situations.  Communication styles, time management techniques and stress management will be woven into this workshop to allow the participants to tap into their potential for everyday success. 

Boundaries: What Every Employee Needs to Know to Keep Relationships Professional and Thriving

This workshop focuses on both personal and professional boundaries with an emphasis on professional, in depth discussion of boundaries as the foundation of the profession and the importance of setting firm ones, communicating boundaries to clients (and others in your life!), and the warning signs of broken boundaries.

Here what people are saying about this workshop:

“Your presentation today, for the North Shore Medical Center Mental Health Lecture Series, was extremely well received.”

“Super Session!! Rare to have this topic framed as self-compassion or self- care. Thanks.”

“Excellent review and reinforcement of the importance of boundaries.”

“Fantastic presentation … Very applicable to professional and personal life.”  

Work Life Balance

Eat your vegetables, get more sleep, run a mile, etc…we’ve all heard and tried the typical advice on self care and trying to balance all our responsibilities, yet we are still stressed and depleted. What is missing? Julie will show you how to build resiliency and coping skills that will provide you with the energy and passion for life!

  • This workshop is generally either 2 or 3 hours (2 or 3 CEUs).

Time Management

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to get all your responsibilities done? And rarely a moment to do something for yourself? Julie will help you say NO to all the demands in your life and start saying YES to you.  You will learn how to make more you time in your busy world, set limits, put yourself first and most importantly how not to feel guilty about it!

  • This workshop is generally either 2 or 3 hours (2 or 3 CEUs).


If you are interested in having Julie present on these topics at your workplace, please contact her.