Do you know what burnout out looks and feels like? While it can be different for everyone, here are some key clues that you may be burnt out:

  1. Anxiety and dread before your work shift begins
  2. Difficulty sleeping and physical complaints
  3. No longer feeling satisfied in your job, not caring, just showing up to collect a paycheck
  4. Taking time off doesn’t seem to change the way you feel
  5. Feeling hopeless and drained at the end of the day
  6. Depressed and irritable which carries over into your personal life

If this is you, talk to your supervisor and brainstorm on possible changes you can make at work to improve your work experience.

If no changes can be made in your current environment, start the process of change. Scary as it may be, it is also necessary.

You deserve to be happy and nourished in your work life.

Julie McGrath, LICSW offers workshops on job stress and burnout, dealing with difficult people and setting boundaries so employees feel passionate about the work they do and employees see increased productivities and bottom lines.